Tera (terachan) wrote,

Warmth (prompt warmth )

Title: Warmth
Author: terachan 
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Author's Note: nothing to say here. Written for hpgw100 
Request: I urgently need a beta, some volunteer?

Ginny grabbed a Quidditch magazine and fanned her face.

Her mother told her that in the first months was normal, but this is ridiculous.

It was November and she felt hellishly hot.

Sweat clung on her forehead, on her upper lip and between her swollen breast.

She wanted to get out, mount on her broom and let the wind cool her body. But she already imagined Harry's look of worry and panic.

Two cold hands caressed her neck and shoulders.

"How are my two loved ones?" asked a fresh voice in her ear.

Now, the pregnancy didn't seem so warm.
Tags: drabble, fandom: harry potter, ship: harry/ginny
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