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Tergeo (prompt #57 Charms)

Title: Tergeo
Author: terachan
Characters: Albus Severus, James Sirius
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Warnings: unbeta'd
Challenge: #57 Charms
A/N: sort of sequel of Disarming Spell, because I could not leave Al without knowing if he managed the spell or not, and because I'm in love with him ^^. Written for hp_nextgen100 

Al's knees were aching and soaked through. His right arm burned with the effort to clean the floor of the Charm class with a toothbrush.

He imagined what would have said James. That he was a softy, a sissy.

Professor Campbell told him to cast a Disarming Spell, didn't he?

So why put him in detention for get it right? Ok, maybe Campbell was knocked down and his robe was lifted so that the whole class could see his pants, but still.


Albus jumped and turned, but saw nobody.

"Why did you do that, James?"

"Because I pity you"
Tags: character: albus severus potter, character: james sirius potter, drabble, fandom: harry potter
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