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Between Two Dogs Striving For A Bone, The Third One Runs Away With It

Title: Between Two Dogs Striving For A Bone, The Third One Runs Away With It
Author: terachan
Characters: James Sirius, Albus Severus, Lily Luna
Word count: 192
Rating: G

"Give it to me!", James said, pulling strongly one side of the Invisibility Cloak.

"No", Albus replied, pulling the other side, "Dad said we should use it in turn. And you already used it yesterday".

"But I need it. I have to launch Dungbombs into the Slytherin common room".

"They'll know it was you and Mom will send you another Howler".

"They'll never realize it if you give me the cloak. And what is the use to you, anyway? You're just a boring flea".

"I am not! You're an unbearable troublemaker".

"Leave it!".

Pak! Pak!


"That hurt!"

"If you two don't stop right now you'll break the cloak", said Lily, her hands on her hips. When she did so she seemed Grandma Molly.

"But .."

"He started it ..."

"I don't care. Go to bed, both of you!" she said, bending down to pick up the cloak that her brothers had dropped.

James and Albus began to sulk. They knew it was better not to challenge their little sister.

"Very well. I have a date with Scorpius. See you", she said, wearing the cloak and leaving from the portrait hole.

"Hey, it's unfair!"

"Scorpius Malfoy?"

That night, for the first time in years, the two brothers joined force to take revenge against their baby sister.
Tags: character: albus severus potter, character: james sirius potter, character: lily luna potter, drabble, fandom: harry potter
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