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Disarming Spell

Title:  Disarming Spell
Character: Albus Severus Potter
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Challenge: #56 Defense Against The Dark Arts
A/N: written for
[info]hp_nextgen100 .  Hope you like it.

Professor Campbell looked at him with satisfied eyes. He hated him, Albus knew it.

During the last Defense Against The Dark Arts' class, Campbell had announced that Albus would be to one to demonstrate to the whole class how to cast a Disarming Spell.

He had practiced, but his hands were shaking so much thet he knew that he'd have made a fool of himself

Albus stood in front of the class, facing Campbell, wand at ready.

"Let's see what Harry Potter's son can do", Campbell drawled.

Albus thought of his father and tightened his grip on the wand.


Tags: character: albus severus potter, drabble, fandom: harry potter
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