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Birthday Gift

I wish [info]mollywheezy a happy birthday. I'm a little late, sorry. Since she likes Molly Weasley and Dobby,  I thought I'd dedicate her a ficlet about...er... Molly Weasley and Dobby.

Title: A Less Threatening Winter
Characters: Molly Weasley, Dobby
Raiting: PG
Word Count: 500
Author's Note: Happy birthday
[info]mollywheezy . I hope you like it. And sorry if you see any mistakes.

Molly Weasley looked out the window overlooking the orchard. That winter was cold and empty. The garden was covered with snow, which reflected the gray sky, the trees was bare like newborn chicks.

Her mind drifted from the dinner to cook, to the socks to mend, to the war, to her family, in an endless cycle. She clenched the family clock to her chest, as if the gesture could give her comfort, as if embracing her family, protecting them from that biting winter.

A loud crack made her turn around, the clock fell with a thud, as Molly looked frantically in her pockets for her wand.

"Mom Wheezy, madam, Dobby did not want to scare Mom Wheezy. Dobby is sorry". Before her was a funny house-elf wearing two different socks and several colored hats on his head. Dobby ... the name reminded her of something.

"You're the elf that Harry has freed, aren't you?", she asked.

"Yes, Mom Wheezy, madam. Dobby is Harry Potter's friend and Dobby is so worried about Harry Potter. And Dobby thought What can Dobby do to help Harry Potter?  And then Dobby had an idea. Harry Potter is fond of the Wheezys family and Dobby will help the Wheezys family", he said, triumphantly.

Molly needed a few seconds to understand. "Oh", she said, touched from the elf's loyalty.

"Thank you Dobby, but I don't need help"

The elf's ears sagged in sorrow and Molly hastened to remedy.

"But I'm sure there's something you can do", she said, looking around the kitchen for some chore.

Dobby seemed very happy and began to hop and to list all the things he could do.

But Molly didn't move, hit by a sudden idea.

She knelt at his height and rested her hands on his shoulders, talking to him with a tone of voice she used with her children when they didn't know what meant war and death.

"Dobby", she began, "There's a thing you can do".

"All Mom Wheezy wants. Dobby is happy to help Harry Potter's friends".

"Can you help my children without them even noticing? Ginny is at Hogwarts and I'm afraid she might get in trouble and Fred and George... with their joke shop and PotterWatch... and Percy, oh Percy... I didn't see him in a long time. Make sure that... that... and Charlie and Bill... always busy with the Order and Ron... and Harry... and Herimione... I don't know where they are... I don't know if they are safe... I don't...", she stopped, her whole frame was shaken by sobs.

Dobby patted her shoulder, "Dobby will do everything he can. Dobby will help. But  Harry Potter is a great wizard and he will defeat He Who Must Not Be Named, Dobby knows it, "he said fervently.

Molly smiled, grateful.

"Thanks, Dobby. You're a good elf"

Dobby smiled, nodded and with a loud crack was gone.

Molly picked up the clock and turned back towards the window. The elf had given her hope. The winter seemed less threatening now.

Tags: birthday gift, character: dobby, character: molly weasley, fandom: harry potter, ficlet
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